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Bathing in New York is possible: beaches to escape from Manhattan

You will think: "Why am I going to the beach with things to do in New York?" When you feel like a fakir walking on embers, and you are really just stepping on the Manhattan asphalt, you will appreciate knowing that there are these oases of white sand and fresh water.

Two notices before starting: 1) Almost all are urban beaches, so this entails comfort (almost all can be reached by public transport, metro, bus ...) e discomfort (many people, many times). 2) The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy can still be seen on some of these beaches and its promenades, such as Rockaway Beach, one of the most affected in October.


This would be a perfect day in this corner south of Brooklyn, paradise kitsch and decadent fast bath, junk food and fun: hot dog and french fries (with cheese well) in the original Nathan's (where the 'to-see-who-is-the-smart-who-eats-more-puppies' contest) is held, giant ice cream full of toppings at Coney's Cones, eat it on the beautiful wooden boardwalk or on the beach, and finally ride Cyclone, the 1927 wooden roller coaster, Luna Park star, or the Ferris wheel (eye to the moving cabins) of 1920's Deno's Park. How to get: Subway lines D, N, F or Q to Coney Island, and follow people.

Coney Island: hot dogs and giant ice creams © Corbis


Following Coney Island, much quieter and, above all, more peculiar. If you do not understand half of the posters or your towel neighbors who are crazy about the flashy colored speedos, do not be scared: You are in Russian territory. Little Odessa by the sea, They call her in New York. In the few places to drink or eat something around, yes, they sell vodka. How to get: lines B or Q to Brighton Beach.


After Brighton Beach, quieter than this and a thousand times more than Coney Island. It has a family air, not only for the good houses that surround dinner, vestiges of what was this area at the end of the 19th century (a resort for well-off New York people), but because the beach is located in a park with barbecues, games for children ... How to get: line B or Q to Brighton Beach and bus B1.

Seagulls on Coney Island © Corbis


Sandy razed his wooden walk and took almost all of his sand, but the residents of the area (including Patti Smith) have rushed to recover one of the favorite beaches of New Yorkers, especially those surfers and hipsters who come here pilgrimage to the Rockaway Taco. How to get: line A to Rockaway Beach Park.

Surfers at Rockaway Beach © Corbis


In the city expert posture level could not miss a false beach, located on the north side of Pier 17, has everything a trendy New York bar needs to succeed: table football, ping pong tables, craft beer, beer garden food (sausages, pretzel ...), live music ... And they also add sand, outdoors and beautiful sunset looming behind the Downtown. How to get: lines 2 and 3 to Wall Street or Fulton and walk to Pier 17.


Within the Rockaway peninsula this corner prepared for Sunday families (picnic-friendly area) with some quieter corner, they say, in which they turn a blind eye and allow nudism (banned in principle in New York). The charm of this beach is the 1932 brick building that protects it: Art Deco bathrooms that now serve as an exhibition hall. They are remnants of what was intended to be done on this beach, a twin for the lower classes of the Jones Beach pija. Hence the name of the journalist Jacob Riis, a pioneer in denouncing the bad conditions in which the immigrant population of the city lived in the early twentieth century. How to get: line 2 to Flatbush Avenue and bus Q45.

A boy in Jacob Riis Beach © Corbis


As anywhere in the world, you have to get away from the city a little to find more idyllic beaches. This, on the coast of Long Island, is one of the most beloved of New Yorkers since it was created as a summer and recreation area in the 20s: 11 kilometers of white sand, Olympic swimming pools, an amphitheater famous for its summer concerts , restaurants, rental of umbrellas, booths, hammocks ... A good day trip. How to get: the train from Penn Station to Freeport and there the shuttle to the East Bath House, which will be quieter.


The most popular Long Island beach among New Yorkers. More urban than Jones Beach because of the proximity of large buildings and the train station, which makes it more accessible, although yes, also more expensive: $ 12 per person per day. If you see it on the positive side: a way to avoid agglomerations. Like Coney Island or Rockaway, it has a wooden walk that was greatly affected by Sandy. How to get: the train from Penn Station to Long Beach Station (there is a combined train + beach ticket).


This you did not expect two hours or less from Manhattan: a beautiful natural park of white sand, dunes, family areas, ideal bike rides to your postcard lighthouse, wildest areas for camping ... It is the anti-Hamptons (whose beaches can also be a day trip): wealthy public-free area of ​​the city. How to get there: car, train or ferry. And there by bike.

Fire Island: this you did not expect © Corbis


This barrier island, also a protected park, does not belong to New York but to New Jersey, but due to the distance and accessibility from Manhattan, it deserves to be on this list. If you go to Pier 11 on a Saturday and see the queue for the ferry that leaves you there in half an hour you will understand it even better. Dunes, vegetation, another lighthouse postcard, remains of the military forts, romantic bike rides... Another getaway, something more expensive ($ 45 round trip ferry), which is worth to cool off and sunbathe. Oh and here is the only legal nudist beach: Gunnison Beach. How to get: Ferry to Sandy Hook at Pier 11 (Wall Street).

Urban beaches have their advantages and disadvantages © Corbis

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