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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Vogue Who's On Next: Juan Vidal, new fashion talent

Another year, Vogue has revealed the name of the new Spanish fashion guru in the Who's On Next pageant. The Director of the publication, Yolanda Sacristán, pronounced the name of the desired winner: Juan Vidal. He is 'the next'.

Finally we can answer the question "Who's On Next?": Juan Vidal is the next. The Valencian designer, who names each collection as a woman "as if it were a movie character", has won the prize, valued at 100,000 euros (in addition to support and promotion by Vogue).
The second edition of the contest of new talents of Vogue had its celebration yesterday in the Italian Embassy in a cocktail in which Yolanda Sacristán, Director of the header, pronounced the name of the winner with a bittersweet feeling, by the other two finalist designers (Daniel Rabaneda and Nacho Aguayo).
Of course, the event brought together personalities from the fashion world such as Marcela Mansergas (winner of the first edition), María Escoté, Maya Hansen, David Delfín ... A night of fashion and fashion with discovery of a new talent: Juan Vidal, you're the next!

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