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Cemeteries for travelers: the rise of Gore tourism

Okay, on a day of bright sunshine and ice cream in your hand, creepy can be a bit dramatic, but give that shiver a chance that starts to run down your back in its sacred silence. There are still dried leaves on the ground and for some reason that escapes us there are always shady areas where time seems to have stopped. Like it or not, we are in the hands of the inevitable.

Cemetery tourism is increasingly fashionable, so much so that the European Union has its own route and of course a legion of lovers of eternal beauty that seems to distill the stony memory of the dead. Definitely, It is a very entertaining method to review the history of a country, with its greatness and misery, with its lights and its shadows. And of course an alternative way to get to know some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe.

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The most tourist cemeteries in Europe

In case you still lack reasons to visit the best cemeteries of the Old Continent this summer, we offer you three incontestable reasons:

- Its location is perfect, they always manage to make the shadow predominate, run the air and make it cool. In addition, they usually have excellent views.

- You will not find crowds, the legion of followers does not go at once and the truth is that it is much appreciated to hear the noise of your footsteps and if you neglect, even your thoughts.

- They will inspire you. The number of writers, poets, painters and artists buried multiplies the interest in revisiting his work. On the way back you will have a lot to tell.

Do not hesitate, if you have an explorer's heart, this is your route:

The most visited cemeteries in Europe.

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The most tourist cemeteries in Europe

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