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Odaiba and Tokyo Bay

Odaiba is a artificial island in Tokyo Bay, connected to the city center through the Rainbow bridge (which you can walk through), and it offers great views of the city from its beach. It was recently created, gaining ground to the sea, at the end of the last century (in the nineties), to revitalize the area and give it more use habitable and not only industrial. Today it is a place very frequented by couples in love, although, in addition to the views, visitors find it curious their Replica of the Statue of Liberty, its National Museum of Science and Innovation (called Miraikan, interactive and with all the scientific news) and Mega Web, an exhibition of Toyota with cars from all eras. By the way, if you want to finish the day well, nothing better than doing it in Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari, the greatest onsen (thermal bath) of Tokyo. And if you're tired, the island has a free shuttle service, from 11 to 20 hours, to move around it.

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Odaiba and Tokyo Bay


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Odaiba, Tokyo



Video: 5 MUST-DO THINGS in ODAIBA, Tokyo Bay with TBS TOKYO EXTRA (November 2019).

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