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How to behave at a music festival

A modern festival is a place where you go to participate in tourist and recreational activities, which include listening to music from afar. In the chaos, one sometimes meets people, sometimes dines properly, sometimes listens to the groups he has come to hear and sometimes even remembers something the next day.

Music. It varies a lot from one festival to another. Above all, from a festival of jacks to any other. The groups that meet only in London score double on the posters, but there are also the modalities "walking deads gathered", "I bought an organ", "we met the day before yesterday on Facebook" and “Attitude and mustaches”. Then, he puts on the hipster grupazo of the month at the top, in very fat letters, and you already have the poster.

Humanity. There is part of the humanity of a festival that is disguised as a stuffed animal. Then there is another who climbs his girlfriend on horseback in the middle of the concert. There are tall festival partners who can get you back home thinking that M83 is a head from which electronic music comes out. And there are festival partners like my friend Iñaki who spend 40 minutes lying on their backs on the floor without breathing. Good to see the concert behind them, bad if you're wandering around.

VIP zone. Sounds good, but it has become a ghetto with cheaper beer cents, pool with piranha hatchery and just twice as many people as in the normal area who try to dance kick their girlfriend.

Clothing. Buying the ticket early is fine, but choosing clothes three months before leads you, when you arrive at the festival that: a) you have gained weight, b) has gone out of fashion. You have to wear sunglasses at night. This year they take the transparencies, which, combined with shorts and pockets outside last year, are to blame for most of the emergencies in the Red Cross position. By torticollis.

Drink. One of the parallel activities of todofestival is: pour a bottle into the enclosure. Depending on the authority imbued with the insurance, the result may end in "return to the starting box", "you lose a turn" or "from sparking to ethyl coma in a roll".

Food. You order anything and the communal iron takes care that you are not able to distinguish a chorizo ​​from a chicken breast.

Flirt. A festival is the ideal testing ground to experiment with social relationships. You can release techniques such as "constant burden" or "I have found yeti but I will not know until tomorrow morning." The love of the festival unites a lot, until months later, after eight hours of train to Lugo, you realize at the table of a cafeteria with candles that you have nothing to talk about other than "moló mazo the festival". Otherwise, nobody catches a festival, that's a myth. Except with the yeti, which are two myths that are counteracted.

Dance. On rubble, on glasses, on the platform, in a container, on stage, on the feet of the one next door. They are going to be the laces of your life.

Mobile New mobiles already come with a device that discharge the battery just two seconds after losing your friends. Now there are booths that charge them for two euros, so you will be lost only an hour. A lost hour is nothing in a festival, it is a concert of The XX or the delinquent description of the life in the town of a girl who seemed interested, but who was only doing time, like you. It is best to organize a hangout system every hour, but you have to stay at some solid meeting point. Don't stay in balloon three because in the middle of the festival a girl with boots and a hat is going to take the balloon three home.

Friends. Discarded to flirt if you're not very Yeti, the best of a festival are friends. There are those who bring you from home, of which at festivals you discover new facets, such as sleeping naked even if you share a bed. And then there are the new ones, a well of surprises. Well for how they drink. At a minimum, at one time during the festival you will kiss them a lot and at another you will lose them altogether.

Sleep. Normally, you sleep on the floor. But it is compensated with mixed communal showers. It is of special anthropological interest to visit them in a festival with Gothic. Everyone has a story to tell about that festival where he ended up planting the store in the area of ​​DJs and surrounding areas. A person's desire to sleep in a hotel is inversely proportional to the possibility of gaps, fractures and other festive accessories.

Bathrooms. If you could bring it all home made for two or three days you were going to save yourself a dislike.

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