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Toiletries: schools of thought and trends

There are acts that match everyone: eating ice cream, watching a Hitchcock movie or taking the gel and shampoo bottles from a hotel room. Everyone loves amenities, or toiletries, if we speak with property.

Hotels love them a little less than we do. They are expensive and are a serious decision because they are a further decline of their brand values. A priori they do not condition the reservation, during they condition the experience and afterwards they feed the memory. They can be talk material on a desktop. And isn't life about that?

There are several schools of thought on this subject:

1) The alliance with a luxury brand: It seems logical, if we want a hotel to be perceived as prestigious we must wrap it with elements ad hoc. You have to look for firms that play in the same league as the hotel and vice versa. Some examples are: the new Nobu from Las Vegas has chosen Natura Bissé for its rooms, Le Bristol (Paris) Hermès and La Prairie and the Ritz in Madrid has allied with Acqua di Parma in the Luxury, Royal and Presidential Suites and with Penthaligon's in the other rooms.

Because this is another issue: not everyone is entitled to the same type of toiletries, neither in brand nor in size. No way. Acqua di Parma is one of the most beloved firms among good hotels. The Gritti Palace hotel, which reopens with great pomp in Venice this week, has these yellow boats in its bathrooms. The same applies to the aforementioned Hermès (Rotal Monceau-Paris or Alvear Palace-Buenos Aires), Ormond Jayne (Mandarin Oriental-London), Floris (Café Royal-London), Asprey at the Hotel Villamagna (Madrid), the aforementioned Hermès or Bulgari (Hotel Rector -Salamanca and Bulgari Hotels and Spa themselves). All these brands meet the requirements: men and women, hipsters and classics likeThey have a friendly smell and are known without being massive. The question must always be: do we want to take it? If the answer is yes, it works.

2) I have an exclusive: For example, the W hotel label has Bliss as the house brand. It is part of his personality, so überurbana and hedonist. Others get brands to manufacture them and no one but them. An example is Diptyque bath products for the Mandarin Oriental in Paris. This brings us to the third school of thought. Another examples of exclusive is the Monastero Santa Rosa (Amalfi Coast) and Santa María Novella. This brings us to the third point.

3. Everything is at home. Sometimes hotels develop their own cosmetics. This has been developed by chains such as NH, with its Agua de la Tierra line, COMO, with its products from COMO Shambala and the Sibuet Hotels and Spa (France) and its Pure Altitude Spa. This achieves a total cohesion between the hotel and the image you want to project. The Mamounia (Marrakech) takes it to the extreme. Olivia Giacobetti has designed a smell for the hotel and cosmetics are also exclusive and of course, they smell like MamouniaTo blessed glory. There are others, such as the Soho House that have an independent cosmetic line but “sister”, such as Cowshed. Therefore, they are found in industrial quantities (oh, yeah) in places like Babington House and all the Soho House in the world.

Toiletries: if we want to take them home, they work © Cowshed

Y, as in hamburgers and nail polishes, there are also trends in this topic. Here are some:

- Size Matters. More and more hotels are found in which large, very large sizes are used and cannot be carried. Or if they are taken, they are paid. This, of course, saves.

- Local, local and local. If there is kilometer 0 for food, why not for amenities? The closer the place where they produce, the more the culture of the area will breathe. Monteverdi, in Tuscany has biological products from La Saponaria, Atrium (Cáceres) with fig soaps carried out, of course, in the most natural way in Extremadura and the Royal Mansour (Marrakech) offers Les Sens products from Marrakech in its riad. Better known is the case of Kiehls in Carlyle. It is said that this brand is there because it is what Jackie O was asking for. We believe it and we like to believe it.

- Small is new big. With the niche we have encountered. Hotels like surprises, controlled and positive but surprises. Above all, guests like them. For this reason, they are increasingly searching for the small brand that nobody has. Or that they have fewer people. Kiss My Face is used in Standard (New York), CO Bigelow in Downtown (Mexico DF) and Malin + Goetz in Soho Grand (New York), Habin (Mexico DF) of Malin + Goetz, or Mondrian ( The Angels). Another signature of author is Le Labo and is in places like the Grammercy Park Hotel (New York) or the Fairmont. If you know the brand you feel part of an exclusive club, if not, you will want to know more. And you will use your own gel so you don't have to spend the hotel. That is how it has been and always has been.

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Anatomy of the toiletries © Chic & Basic

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