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With good bread, better trip

There is an old Polish proverb that says: "With good bread, better trip." He tells us that, in the journey that is life, food is fundamental, it is the energy that allows us to survive and move, which gives us strength. But if we read the proverb literally, we are not undermined, because it is also true that, today, Savoring a good bread deserves a trip, either short and on foot, or even by plane.

After so many years accustomed to bad bread, we can now travel in search of good bread, that staple food that also deserves the highest consideration, today a symbol of good eating and healthy eating.

In Madrid Two new projects have been launched that do not go round and look for the essence through sophisticated simplicity: Bread and onion Y The loaf. A plane shot, in Milan Y London, the Princi chain It has technologically advanced ovens and is committed to a cutting-edge design image without comparison.


The Loaf

Thanks to the advice of the writer Ernesto Pérez Zúñiga, we arrived to The Loaf, an old-fashioned bakery, with functional furniture, located in the heart of Madrid, on the street Gravina 22. The Marziniak family, of Polish origin, has been imposed as a challenge and illusion, that in Madrid the true European bread is known. The head of the family, Ireneusz, is the master baker and pastry chef, and receives us with lively eyes and hands covered with flour, which moves with emphasis when talking about their specialties: “For us German bread is very important in all its varieties, it is the one that has dominated in Europe forever. French bread is also important, but it has less draft. ”

As for the bakery, you can already say that the best Apple strudel offered here: "Word of mouth" is infallible and orders collapse the workshop of La Hogaza throughout the week. It also highlights the delicious Danish braid, the Austrian cake of Linz and the Polish wheat and rye bread weighing 700 gr. And it is compact and bright. In addition, you can order the bread to your liking. For example, cornbread with more cereals, more raisins, more or less nuts ...

Polish-style bread © La Hogaza

Bread and Onion

As in true love, Miguel de Torres has started this year a project with the motto “with you bread and onion”, that is to say, give everything for the lovers of bread and its universe. It is a Cooking school whose heart are the bread workshops, open to innovation and that welcomes different gastronomic proposals from the hand of great chefs of the moment, such as David Juarez or Daniel Jordá.

Meetings, tastings, promotions and events related to gastronomy are also held, Pop up Dinners, gastronomic styling or gastronomy proposals. The atmosphere created in interior design helps to focus on the task of bread, everything is very white, with light wood furniture and good lighting. Everything goes when there is quality and it is, as Miguel points out, to “learn other gastronomic languages”.

With you, always bread © Bread and onion


"In the name of bread". That's how blunt it prays the motto of Princi, accompanied by its essential elements: Flour, water and fire. Open all day, it offers all kinds of Mediterranean specialties, with the bread base.

The Italian chain is committed to a spectacular design by Claudio SIlvestrin, with water fountains, large pieces of granite, marble blocks, glass and natural wood. Rocco Princi, the owner, opened his first bakery in Milan, in 1986, and last year decided make the leap to London. The firewood is aligned in assemblies that resemble art installations and large ovens, always in sight, allow to see the process. The hands of the bakers, impeccably uniformed in white, knead nonstop in a sort of silent, almost celestial musical suite, and the result is within reach of our palate.
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To the bread, PAN © Princi London

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