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The thousand and one "fast food" of Berlin

One of the keys that make us clear if a capital is truly cosmopolitan is the variety of its takeaway food. The streets of Berlin are full of gastronomic heroes at dawn. Currywurst, falafel, kebab, köfte and now also burritos reign in them. With so much offer, who remembers the hamburger?

To start this round the world we stop at America. Mexico is in the Wiener Strasse 15 of Kreuzberg thanks to the tacos and quesadillas of Chaparro, where they dare even sell horchata. But the new star of fast food Berliners are the burritos. In Neukölln, Burrito Baby (Plfügerstrasse 11) is offered only by vegetarians and its cashew cream is very popular. The most "gourmet" option, so to speak, is the Californian style of Pains, in Rosa-luxemburg-strasse 7 (Mitte neighborhood). They have just opened the premises at the Wittenbergplatz in the Charlottenburg district.

Tacos al pastor © Chaparro

Special Taco © Burrito Baby

A charming Lebanese marriage carries the King of Falafel (Graefestrasse 9), a place that lives up to its name located on a street near Hermannplatz. Despite the small size of the place, it is surprising the variety and quality of a menu that, of course, is'vegan friendly '. Soups, sauces and hummus are to remember.
However international it has become, Pizza is an Italian thing. The three trattorias where to find the best and cheapest offer share owner and ensure noisy and chaotic environment typical of the transalpine country throughout the city: Il Casolare (Grimmstrasse 30 in Kreuzberg), Il Ritrovo (Gabriel-Max-Strasse 2, in Friedrichshain) e I Due Forni (Schoenhauser Allee 12, in Prenzlauerberg).
Baguettes with minced meat (köfte) of Gör Inegöl Köfteci gel They are available 24 hours a day. They are especially rescued and break with the hegemony of kebab at number 80 of the Kottbusser Damm of Neukölln. If we dare to include sushi in the fast food category, that of Musashi, at number 102 of the same street, competes alone in the kingdom of Turkish gastronomy. It has a very good value for money and the ideal is to order it to take away, because it repeats the tiny local model always crowded with Japanese stores.

Curun forcefulness © Curry 36

But the classic of the city are the imbiss, kiosks with easily crafted food whose name refers to the word "nibble". The same street has two of the most popular. The generous portions of currywurst from Curry 36 (Mehringdamm 36) try to leave satisfied the hundreds of visitors who come daily to the place, omnipresent in all travel guides. It has been a reference for more than 30 years of what is one of the most typical dishes of Berlin because it offers the best version of a recipe that is not exactly haute cuisine: cooked or grilled German sausage, ketchup and curry powder.

Curry 36 © Flickr / Gilly Berlin

In good weather days, queue to buy a Kebab from Mustafas (Mehringdamm 32) arrives at the Curry 36 post. Its secret is to add fried potatoes, peppers and aubergines roasted to the meat (chicken) and salad. It tastes great and is not especially greasy. The minimum wait in Indian line is usually about ten minutes, even if it rains, freezes or thunders. And it is also one of the cheapest kebabs in a city with prices for floors (although less and less noticeable).

The Berlin Kebab © Mustafa

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