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Trujillo: 7 discoveries in the city of the discoverers

About 500 years ago the Spaniards gave us to make the Americas to conquer new lands and earn some bitches at the expense of numerous and innovative raw materials. Half a millennium later we traveled to the cradle of many of these conquerors to make the reverse path and rediscover a village with many noble surnames and many surprises.

The first look at the tourist map offers a strong conclusion: here there are palaces at shovel tip. For every noble come unless he made the Americas there is a mansion built with his benefits and his name, so the number is quite high. There are even more than the city can digest and many of them are waiting for some patron (or hotel company) decide to invest to get them out of abandonment. As, for example, the Portuguese painter Pinto Coelho did with the Palacio Chaves Mendoza. But far from turning this text into a real estate offer, it should be noted that the walk from the Plaza Mayor to the top of the city allows you to discover some surprises such as the Conquest Palace, of the Carvajal Vargas or the Orellana-Pizarro Palace, the latter being an example of civil Renaissance architecture with Italian influences. A style that is displayed here without objection since it was trendy at the time and that showed as none that behind those walls there was a lot of parne. It is not a matter of throwing hours before each façade, but it is worth not to pass by or let yourself be coaxed by old-fashioned streets, very epic and that invite photo-facebook.

One of the rooms of the Chaves Mendoza Palace © Palacio Chaves Mendoza

Francisco Pizarro and Francisco de Orellana, besides being namesakes, are the most famous trujillanos discoverers. The first managed conquer Peru and the second dedicated his days to doing expeditions in the Amazon. Today the two have left their mark on the city in a very different way. Let's say Pizarro is the most media, with a piece of statue in the Plaza Mayor It dates from 1929 and is a larger replica of the one that rests in Lima. The house where he was born also has his private museum, where besides discovering things like that coffee does not come from America, but the Spaniards took it to cultivate there; certain curiosities are learned about the family saga of the Pizarro. Specifically the figure of his father is discovered, Gonzalo 'The Long', famous for its dimensions (and I do not speak only of the height), which allowed him to get into the wealthiest bedrooms.
Orellana's legacy is more comfortable. The house where he was born is now a flirtatious hotel (apena has 5 rooms) but that reproduces and respects the original decoration, which makes it worthy of being visited (even if it is pure gossip). A highly recommended option to recharge the batteries before conquering the city.

Pizarro statue in the Plaza Mayor © Corbis

Trujillo must also be discovered looking at the sky to meet the numerous towers of its many palaces. Here the storks live and spend the day crotorando, musicalizing the visit this way. For the novice, the ideal is to look towards the bell tower of the St. Martin's Church or towards the colorful roof of the pin tower, where there will always be a vigilant stork. This last tower serves as an interpretation center for the History of Extremadura and as an ideal balcony to continue looking for this bird. And if in the end one realizes that his birth has just been born passion for ornithologyI will always have to do a little Birdwatching around, that Trujillo is claiming to be the heart of one of the ideal regions for tourism based on bird watching.

Storks: the queens of Trujillo © Corbis

That Americans like our geography to use as a film set we already knew. But using a Spanish city to be another Spanish city is already the last straw. It's basically what Ridley Scott did for his 1492: The conquest of paradise, transforming the walls of Trujillo at the gates of Granada. The truth is that they have their resemblance, with their prominent military architecture controlling the territory and peeking over the hill. The door of Triumph It has remained in the minds of moviegoers like the one that the Catholic troops passed victoriously. From there, starting to the right, there is a small path with which the walls are crossed externally and that allows you to put yourself in the shoes of those who tried to conquer Trujillo or Granada or whatever.

Gate of Triumph © Javier Zori del Amo

Trujillo Castle is a giant of bare stone and of extraordinary proportions. You can even give a little laziness. But it is worth entering to stroll its walls, get unbeatable views of the city and discover one of those religious bizarre that roam around Spain. This is the virgin that goes around, a sculpture that spends the day looking at the city from an unbeatable position. Until a parishioner throws a euro through a slit of the small chapel located in the main tower. That is when the 'miracle' occurs and the virgin turns around for a while to the joy and joy of the folk-believers and to the surprise of the curious.

Views of Trujillo Castle © Corbis

The Church of Santa María la Mayor It has a very attractive Romanesque treasure: the Julia Tower, the only architectural memory of his style of origin. But beyond being one of the most iconic monuments in the city, this tower keeps a shield-shaped anecdote. It turns out that its reconstruction was carried out by a master stonecutter with a hobby by Athletic Bilbao unparalleled. This forofo wanted to make clear his passion for the Bilbao group with a shield in one of the upper vertices of the construction. But do not be confused, it is not a prank of bad taste, rather a nice frikada to be discovered with binoculars or with a good telephoto lens and that neither bothers nor alters the essence of this monument.

The hidden shield of Athletic Bilbao © Javier Zori del Amo

I wish I could assure you that the nightlife in Trujillo is lively and danceable. Nothing is further from reality. He dines well, especially in mythical inns such as La Troya and El Bizcocho but so much food intake has only one solution: lower it by discovering the night views of the city. But it is not a matter of re-enumerating the previous monuments and saying the truism that they are also very beautiful at night. It is time to claim what is probably the bar with the best views in all of Extremadura. The abbey It has all the elements to win the night-time heart of the traveler: good bar, good atmosphere, music that does not distort and, above all, a terrace that has an appeal that overcomes the inclement weather. Its views of the castle mean that the cold does not heat up so much and that in summer it is mandatory to drink a copichuela while observing this medieval skyline so well lit.
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Julia Tower © Javier Zori del Amo

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