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Editor'S Choice - 2019

The 10 'most' of Amsterdam

Next destiny: Holland. If you are in Amsterdam For the celebration of Queen's Day (and to see how the new Rijks Museum has been and to celebrate the fourth centenary of the canals), take note of the 10 "most" of the city.

1- The best apple pie: Winkel
High and rudely blunt. This is the appel taart they serve in Winkel (Noordermarkt 43), considered the richest in the entire city. This explains the queues that form at your door, about every market day in the Noordermarkt square (Saturdays, organic food and Monday, textile).

2- The last concept store: Hutspot
Said and done. That's what these four friends thought when they decided to ride Hutspot, the new one concept store from Amsterdam with just a couple of months. Young people (the oldest is 23 years old), creative and enthusiastic have wanted to give the crisis a blow and have risked giving opportunities “To all the designers in Amsterdam or the surrounding area that have interesting things to show”. In addition to clothing they sell bamboo bicycles imported from China, clothing vintage from different countries in Asia (among our favorite garments was a Japanese fireman's coat). Like almost all the interesting places in Amsterdam, It also has a space to work, have a coffee or read.

The perfect apple treat is in the Winkel © Winkel

3- The freakiest museum: Museum of our lady of the attic Actually this statement is not entirely true, because museums freaks In this city there is a mansalva, but we like his name because of what has a name between joke and erotic film. Your visit (although a little expensive: worth 8 euros), is very interesting, because it travels an old clandestine church from when in the country the Catholic cult by the Calvinists was prohibited.

4- The most expensive street: P.C Hoofstraat (known as PC)It is very close to the museum square and could be another one: that of luxury. All the most exclusive stores are concentrated there. Some surprises beyond those of always, are the Shoebaloo shoe store, at number 80, with a place with an almost spatial aesthetic, and a design known throughout the country.

5- The coolest jeans store: Tenue de Nimes
Spread on huge wooden counters from darker to lighter; any finish, wash or demin color that one can imagine is in Dim of Nimes which is also like a museum of selected bizarre objects with exquisite taste. We love the detail that they receive with a carafe of water with mint and raspberries and a coffee. It has two branches, in the Jordaan and in the Pipj.

All the denim you want in Tenue de Nimes © Tenue de Nimes

6- The most hipster coffee: LateiIs the horror vacui made coffee Narrow, tiny, and even overwhelming. If you don't notice, you can pass it by. Will be an error. Ask for a sandwich while looking at the ceiling and decide which of the more than 30 lamps you want to buy, to the walls, and analyze the cartoon character cross stitch pictures, or you take a leap to childhood by reading the names of the board games that are stacked among hundreds of other cachivaches on their shelves.

7- The best cocktails: Njoy
Illuminated bars with leds and stools, more intimate low coffee tables, the Njoy It is the place where all the experts who work in the hospitality guild meet when they want to take The best cocktails in the city. To choose the one that suits you, you just have to choose based on your personality: dreamer,trendsetter, alchemist, connoisseur ... They also do workshops to learn to do combined.

At night he goes to the Njoy © Njoy

8-The newly arrived hotel: Hotel Andaz
In this hotel everything generates surprise. Since when do they make you check in with a Ipad at a high table and a glass of wine until when you gossip the amenities (They come in a vanity box and are as peculiar as nail remover, lacquer or a wooden brush) or you look at the selection of books and novelsavailable in each room. And, of course, the decoration, output of the vitamin juice of neurons from Marcel Wanders, one of the best known designers in the country. We move away from black and white and the very minimalism to get fully into a world of design details that play with Dutch topics (clogs, tulips and golden age) with a twist colorful and contemporary. His obsession in imagining how this hotel would be was that the guest felt, if not at home, as in House of some friends. He has succeeded.

Izakaya, the trendy restaurant in Amsterdam © Izakaya

9- The trendy restaurant: Izakaya
The eastern airs have reached the canals. Izakayaat the gates of Pijp, the emerging neighborhood of Amsterdam, is one of those restaurants that you have to go to if you want to be up to date and talk without any complex. The letter, based on japanese cuisine open your arms to South American influences, especially Peruvian and Mexican, like its cocktail bar, to show themojito with jasmine syrup. They have live DJs.

10- The last corner: Pllek
It is not easy to reach. Not even when one has been explained, but it is worth the risk of getting lost, take the ferry that goes to N.D.S.M and approach the last containers by the water by bike. The result is the Pllek, an amazing place, with giant windows who devised a film producer in an area of ​​the city that is now receiving all the artist collective who have moved from the western islands to an area where there used to be only shipyards.

Pllek, a refuge for artists by profession and by heart © Pllek

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