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Ssshh: 8 secret bars in New York

Like you, we don't know how to save either a secret and less when it comes to speakeasies coolest in town. Attentive to the instructions because if you do not follow them, you will never find these exclusive clubs and bars.

Its origin is in the 20s, when the Dry Law encouraged the (exaggerated) consumption of alcohol in clandestine bars. None remains from that time, as he goes to The Great Gatsby, behind a barbershop, and that Baz Luhrmann He has portrayed in his new version. But all these bars retain their essence and try to stay hidden, although New York is probably the worst city to keep a secret. In fact, some of these speakeasies They are already so little secrets, that if you want a table, you better book, especially at the weekend. But we assure you that what you will find behind the invisible door or the hidden stairs will be worth it.

The Back Room, 102 Norfolk Street (Lower East Side): if there is no guy with a pint of a gorilón at the door, look for a sign in front of a gate that says 'The Lower East Side Toy Company', open it, go down the stairs and go through the dirty alley, go up some stairs and push a black door. When you open them, you will enter another century: red velvet sofas, fireplace, wood and people (much at peak times) drinking cocktails in cups, as during the dry law when these sites were born, or with beer bottles tucked into paper bags. Prices more affordable than others speakeasies (beer from $ 6). Look at the waiters when leaving and entering through a library door

Gotham City Lounge, 1293 Myrtle Avenue (Buscwick): Secret, secret is not. The entrance (full of the heroes of the comic) you will see it perfectly if you go under the subway lines, but you have to call at the doorbell so that they open you and let you pass. Once inside, no nonsense, you're in the cheapest thematic club in the area (beer and shot for $ 3), with billiards and a large screen where you may find your usual freaks getting into a video game

Bathtub Gin: wallpaper, burlesque and gin shows © Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin, 132 9th Avenue (Chelsea): The same thing has happened a thousand times ahead and you have never noticed. The cover of this speakeasy It is a very nice cafeteria of Chelsea, Stone Street Company, where you will surely see the waiter and two people standing, without drinking coffee, if you enter and ask them about the bar, they will open a door camouflaged in the wall paper, invisible. Inside, you go back to the 20s of the last century, when you drank mostly in clandestine bars homemade ginthat's why this new speakeasy is specialized in gin cocktails (not very cheap, but highly recommended). And in the middle of the bar, the name's bathtub. A couple of days a week there are burlesque show (Yes, that's why the waitresses look like Dita Von Teese's best friends). In the service, with cologne and cream, they dry you up to your hands. Hidden Luxury

Bleecker Heights Tavern, 296 Bleecker St. (West Village): clearly is in the category 'club with charm'. One day, so quiet, you enter to eat one of the most hamburgers BRB (good, cheap and fast) in the Five Guys, you go to the end and find some stairs, without asking, go up and discover the typical sports bar, long bar, televisions, cheap beer and the worst bathroom in Scotland (if this were Scotland). Fun and with views over Bleecker. The best? You can upload your delicious greasy hamburger from Five Guys.

2nd Floor on Clinton, 67 Clinton Street (Lower East Side): A bar hidden in a bar. What a great idea! To this speakeasy completely opposite to the previous nightclub, you enter through a secret door at the end of the Barramundi (in front of which, almost always, there is a doorman, becoming the clueless one). When you enter, you will feel in a Downton Abbey room. Cocktails at $ 14 to combine with their delicious chocolate truffles. If that is not elegance ...

The beautiful bar of Please Don't Tell © Please Don't Tell

Raines Law Room, 48 W 7th Avenue: here, as in the best homemade meetings, the party is in the kitchen. That's right, the bar area where you can wait for them to feel you is a kitchen, very Victorian, but a kitchen. There is also a reception, a lounge and a garden along which people who drink any of the seats sit Infinite cocktails of the infinite menu. The entrance also looks like that of a house, without a name, you will know what it is for the doorman who will either let you in directly (especially during the week and soon) or will ask for your phone and he will tell you to stay away from the door, he will call you when a table is free. If they let them stand in line at the door, it would no longer be so secret.

Please Don't Tell, 113 St. Marks Place (East Village): a hidden classic now, because nobody has listened to his name. And neither do we. To find it look for the giant sausage, the one that says "Eat me" ("Eat Me"), you will enter Crif Dogs, a bar specialized in hot dogs. Try one and continue to the bottom. Do you see the old phone? Pick up, dial one and wait for them to answer. Inside, an elegant bar with leather armchairs, exposed brick and stuffed animals that watch the clientele drinking some of the tasty and original cocktails, As the Old fashioned infused with bacon, the drink with Momofuku cereal milk ...

Angel's Share, 8 Stuyvesant Street (East Village): look for the noisy Japanese restaurant Village Yokocho, go up to the second floor and on the left look for the wooden door. They call them for something secret bars. And this one is silent, pleasant, romantic and with a beautiful decoration. They don't let stand or go in groups of more than four people, so better if you go early and avoid weekends. Surely you've never been to a speakeasy Japanese, so to enjoy the full experience try the Lychee cocktail with wasabi.

Angel's Share, a Japanese speakeasy © Angel's Share

Video: Linda Francis Lee in NYC Webisode #8 Shh! Please Don't Tell (November 2019).

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