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Condé Nast Traveler 2013 Awards: the kings of the trip

One more year we honor the world of the traveler: last night we presented the Condé Nast Traveler awards, the great representatives of the passion for the trip.

Yesterday was the great night of the traveling spirit: we delivered the Condé Nast Traveler awards, the top among the world's top travel. As tradition dictates, the night of the Cecilio Rodríguez Gardens in Madrid prepared to meet all the winners of each category in the company of the great representatives of the sector. A party with a maxim: the trip as a way of life and source of pleasure, as our director Sandra del Río emphasized.

We had proposed and you had arranged: with the ballots cast and your votes counted, it was time to make known who would be made with the awards. From the Best National Resort to the Best Country through the Best Island, our private master of ceremonies, Michi Cousin of Rivera, was revealing the names.

In addition to the traditional categories, they deserve a special mention, of course, the special prizes of the night: the prize to Traveler of the Year, which was taken by shoe guru and designer Manolo Blahnik; the Entrepreneur of the Year award, which was for Abel Matutes Juan, current president of the multinational Palladium Hotel Group and with a trajectory of more than 30 years in the hotel sector of Ibiza and the award to the Spirit Traveler, which awards the solidarity trajectory of the ophthalmologist Elena Barraquer, He runs his own cooperation program and travels to developing countries to operate cataracts free of charge to people without resources.

Congratulations to the winners! For our part, we are already working and traveling to gather information and experiences that we will reflect in a new Gold List this year.
Here is the list of winners:

Prize for the best urban hotel in Spain: Hotel Alfonso XIII, Seville
Award for the best international urban hotel: La Mamounia, Marrakech
Award for the best hotel outside the city of Spain: Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa, Mallorca
Award for the best hotel outside the international city: Villa San Michele, Florence
Award for the best resort in Spain: AlmenaraResort, Cádiz P
Award for the best international resort: H10 Ocean Coral & Turquesa, Mexico
Prize for the best spa in Spain: Duke Bay, Tenerife
Prize for the best spa in the world: Guerlain Spa, Paris
Best Island Award: Canary Islands
Award for the best city in Spain: Saint Sebastian
Award for the best international city: New York
Best Country Award: Portugal
Best Fashion Item Award: Samsonite Inova suitcase collection
Award for the best beauty product: Coco Noir perfume by Chanel
Award for the best technological article: Canon EOS 650D camera
Award for the best airline: Emirates Airline
Best Train Award: AVE, Renfe
Best Cruise Award: MSC Cruises
Best Car Award: Volkswagen New Beatle
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Family photo of the winners © Leticia Díaz

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