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Editor'S Choice - 2019

The Once Canalla: micropoetry, awards, Mexico and Portuguese wine

This weekend we are not satisfied with anything so we have a bit of everything: micropoetry for the soul, a definitive exhibition on Dalí in Madrid, the best Japanese tea ... from Barcelona, ​​a trip for wine lovers in Portugal and Mexico. Always D.F.!

1. In bed: Micropoesies, macrocorazón and mercromina, Irene G Point. A tiny little book, a delight contained in a few pages but with the impact and strength of words. Each verse is accompanied by an illustration (signed by various authors) that will draw more than one smile. As the author herself says “It is perhaps, more than a book, a good travel companion. Or of life ”. (For the full experience, get on their website and accompany the words and images with videos).
2. On the bar: Banker's Bar (Hotel Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona). One of the most sophisticated corners of Barcelona with large armchairs and intimate terrace. Without a doubt, the best place to have a bellini.

Drinks at the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona © Banker's Bar

3. Between frames: Dalí, all poetic suggestions and all plastic possibilities, Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid. More than two hundred works of this Catalan visionary travel his artistic career, from his first and timid creations to his most 'showman' stage, not forgetting Dalí's contributions to the cinema. Essential.

Le grand masturbateur © Dalí / Reina Sofía Museum

4. In the club: Vigo Maritime Station. We are premiering: the olive city opens its new concert hall. The first concert comes from the hand of Xoel López who plays tonight; From here, the programming, national DJs as The Zombie Kids and international artists like Crystal fighters.
5. On the table: Akashi Gallery (Rosselló 197, Barcelona). If you are in Barcelona you have to make a mandatory stop at Akashi Gallery, either for an Ippodo tea (a renowned Kyoto tea company) or for its menu with sushi, chicken uramaki, miso soup, seaweed salad ...

Japanese tea in Barcelona © Akashi Gallery

6. On the road: As we are celebrating and Portugal has won the Traveler Award for Best Country, we are going to both banks of the Douro, to enjoy the route of the Portuguese vineyards, essential stop in Quinta da Romaneira.
7. In the stadium: Atlético de Madrid - Real Madrid, Saturday at 8:00 p.m.
8. In the cinema (inside or outside the home): last week it premiered in Spain On the road, the adaptation to the big screen of the misfit book On the road from Jack Kerouac. We can say that it is an attempt not too badly stopped. We stay with the good times, the Salt Paradise tormented rambling on the asphalt, the stellar appearance of Steve Buscemi or Viggo Mortensen.

'On The Road' by Walter Salles, the film adaptation (not very successful) of the Kerouac classic © D.R.

9. On the walkman: Bankrupt! Phoenix. The French do not go with little girls and they take away the hiccups with a new album, energetic, fun and above all, fluid. It is getting carried away, and entertaining.
10. A neighborhood: Coyoacán, Mexico D.F
. The colonial neighborhood of the Mexican capital, with a must-see visit to the Frida Kahlo Museum replenishing energies in one of its chic restaurants, such as La Bipo.
11. In the conversation:
the delivery of Condé Nast Traveler Awards they have put on the table the top of the top of the trip. Which one do you prefer?

Coyoacán, art and chic (ismo) © Corbis

Video: El once ideal - Buitre Canalla DEMO OFICIAL (November 2019).

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