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The best cupcakes in Madrid

Do not get confused, they are not muffins, no, and they are sweeping the pastry business. Creativity and design come together to create these cakes in small doses: cupcakes. Since they appeared in Sex in New York, the fever for these American minitarts has only grown. Its striking colors and surprising flavors make them addictive. A temptation for the five senses. We travel Madrid at a stroke of color.


At number 126 of the street Velázquez we found a cozy bakery With sweets that take away the senses. This is Cupcake Madrid, a family business launched by Marta Hidalgo and her mother in January 2010, although it was much earlier when both began practicing with the pastry bag. “We started six years ago making cakes at home, for family and friends birthdays. We had always liked baking and seeing the success we had, we continue practicing, ”Marta tells us. Browsing the Internet, they discovered the fashion of cupcakes in the United States and began to make them at home, until they finally launched to open the store.

His minitarts are true gourmet delicacies: they triumph their Good Morning (double vanilla), the Sancho Panza (double chocolate), Oreo's and the classic Red Velvet, red sponge cake. The secret of its success is in the fresh ingredients: Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, Belgian chocolate and real butter bring the best flavor to your pastry. Each day of the week they prepare six different flavors, in addition to brownies, cookies, decorated cakes and mini-cakes (on request). There are also cupcakes from despues de Eight, Kit Kat and Banana Split. Irresistible

Sweets that take away the senses. © Cupcake Madrid

Creativity at the order of the pastry bag © Cupcake Madrid


Apple with cinnamon, Brownie and Lemon. These are the three cupcakes who recommend us to try in Sweet Illusions, a store in Valdemoro dedicated to the most creative pastry. Natalia Boccassi, responsible for this sweet adventure, tells us that since childhood she lived surrounded by sugar and cakes, that her dream had always been to dedicate herself to pastry (despite having studied architecture). This Argentine recognizes to be very impulsive, but also retailer and perfectionist. And that we see is his small works of art where he unleashes his creativity. At the end of May, Sweet Illusions will open new stores in the Madrid neighborhood of Las Tablas and in Soria.


A few steps from the metro Court is Happy Day Bakery, a flirtatious pastry shop with a naive decoration, which reminds us of a doll house. Esther, its owner, had not heard of cupcakes until they compared their bar vintage Lolina Café with the famous Magnolia Bakery of New York. And there it all began. Esther was fascinated by these little cakes also known as fairy cakes. This was four years ago, when they opened the first cupcake shop in Spain. His best selling minitarts are the Red Velvet, carrot and chocolate with blue vanilla, although they also offer other delicacies such as carrot with dulce de leche, cappuccino, pina colada and even cupcakes of Coca Cola. In addition to pastries they have an American mini-supermarket where you can buy dough to make pancakes, macarroni and cheese, peanut butter ...

A pastry with a naive appearance © Happy Day Bakery

Here the pastry becomes art. © Happy Day Bakery


Gabriela Marchesotti opened her Singlutentaciones store just a year ago, near the neighborhood of Chamartin. His pastry is special: works all your gluten free sweets. "I have lived in first person the torture of celebrating a family event and that my daughter, a celiac diagnosed since 18 months, can not eat the same as others," explains this enterprising mother. To prevent celiac children from always going with the "piggy bank" to all birthday parties, Gabriela, who left her career as a manager in a multinational, elaborates in her own business a design pastry for all. “We have many customers who are not celiac but they say that gluten-free baking Feel better and get less fat. There is so much demand that we are even preparing lactose-free or egg-free sweets”, He details. Gabriela recommends us to try the cupcake lemon pie (lemon with lemon filling and meringue topping), the Berries (vanilla with delicious raspberry cream) and the Banoffi (dark chocolate with sweet milk and banana). The latter is a real bomb for the sweet tooth.


The crisis has not stopped the dreams of Paula Martín and her sister Patricia, who opened their small Dulcidea store in 2012, in 2012. Leganés. “Our passion for cupcakes began a couple of years ago, when creative confectionery began to appear in Spain and was already a success in cities like London or New York. Now, every time we travel to other countries, we visit the bakerys to be inspired by new recipes, ”explains Paula. In Dulcidea they also sell cookies, cakepop and cakes, all design. “We also have workshops in our establishment where we teach how to make these kinds of desserts. In the courses, each student makes and decorates six cupcakes with different techniques and different flavors that you take home, ”explains this young woman. Here you learn to create true works of art for the palate.

Small works of art for the palate © Dulcidea


Cream Bakery is another of the temples of cupcakes that we can find in Madrid. Located in the Paseo de la Castellana, this shop makes us salivate as soon as we enter through the door. Their showcases are full of cupcakes, biscuits, biscuits, brownies and blondies. All fresh and of great quality. Only high-end ingredients are used here: free-range eggs, real butter, high-quality cocoa and organic vanilla of our own production. And that certainly shows in the result. The best place to enjoy one of these mini-cards is its cozy tea room.


It has only been open for four months and has already become one of the favorite places for the sweet tooth in the neighborhood of Santa Eugenia. Norberto and Patricia are two lifelong friends who crazy about this type of pastry created their own pastry shop, first online and now physically: Oh my cup Bakery. Both lived for a time in the United States where they learned the secrets of the sweetest American tradition. Their specialties are the Red Velvet Cupcake, the Carrot Cupcake and the cupcakes with an intense flavor pure chocolate Also delicious are chocolate minitarts with buttercream of vanilla, that of Airing, which has chocolate with mint and another white chocolate with buttercream of Baileys. Hard choise!

A cupcake temple in Santa Eugenia © Oh my cup Bakery


In the neighborhood Alonso Martinez, We found another elegant bakery with a very American flavor: Cosmen & Keiless. Known for its excellent variety of breads, this bakery prepares in their ovens a delicious American pastry where you could not miss the cupcakes. It is impossible not to look at the showcases flooded with the colors of these little cupcakes. The American Kay Hespen and her husband José Suárez are the owners of this charming place, where the premise is to do things well and with the necessary time. The result goes into it. In Madrid, we found up to eight Cosmen & Keiless stores.


In Lopez de Hoyos we come across a space full of charm with a London facade and a New York heart: Panela & Co. In this deli-café-restaurant they prepare daily cupcakes in a traditional way. “Everything is homemade, from the muffin, As the frosting And the ornaments. We make them every day in our kitchen, and they are addictive! ”, Explains Barbara Rodriguez, one of its founders. Panela & Co's star cupcakes are Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting, the Devils Fodd Cupcake with nutella and the Carrot Cake with cream cheese. “We want the client to feel like in the living room of his house,” says Barbara. A fantastic place to accompany our cupcake with good coffee and good music.

Here the star cupcake is Red Velvet © Panela & Co.

Panela & Co: cupcakes with a New York heart © Panela & Co.


Kedulce is another bakery It offers delicious homemade sweets. Opened a year ago in Villaviciosa de Odón, this small shop offers everything from classic cupcakes like Red Velvet or carrot, to seasonal flavors, such as strawberry mini-cakes. For Silvia Saavedra, its owner, the concern for the feeding of her children and the desire to surprise them, led her to rethink her life and create this small business with which she reconciles her work life with the family. Silvia encourages us to try a fresh cupcake of roses, another made of canary banana and one Honey and Greek yogurt special. And all homemade, with natural ingredients and no saturated fats. Other specialties such as macarons, cookies of different flavors and shapes are also cooked in their ovens, Petit Fours, candy and many more sweets.

Kedulce offers cupcakes and healthy pastries © Kedulce

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