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How to behave in an all-inclusive

The holiday of the bracelet has its own modus operandi © Alamy

It's sucked to do sociology in an all inclusive. They are an alternately anesthetic and euphoric bubble that works with rules outside the universe at the end of which there is always a bar.

Supposed to be there there are no obligations, but the buffet is lived as a reverse religion in which you have to sin or You look bad with your conscience. This curious phenomenon is called "amortize the open bar".

An all inclusive becomes A cruise on land. Sometimes port is touched, but the usual thing is stay on board. The storm surge puts her fifth Coco Loco. Of course, there are all inclusive of various categories and, although the playful spirit is similar in all, five star guests They hide it better.

... and this is how you end up © Corbis

Get in. It is almost mandatory to get very tired. If you have chosen this modality for your vacation, you have been dreaming about sleeping and doing nothing all year. On the second day of sleeping and doing nothing you usually access the variant drink and do nothing. But let's not carry on events. Or yes, because they will probably welcome you with a cocktail so you can make the transition to the playful liver week.

In the room. You discover that you have a spacious room. The management itself will have taken care of horror vacui with artistic flamingos of warm colors and armchairs to mount a mini-cinema. If not, you can solve it by hand: a pant in the lamp, a bag with the fruit of your looting on the floor, yourself diagonally on the bed deservedly killing the towel ducks ... The room also has a minibar with which You make sure you fall soft when you drink the cup.

Meals. All inclusive does not strictly mean "eat as much as you can and then a little more", but the general consensus is yes. It is normal to try a little of the first day and eat the rest of the pizza. What you think is exotic, here is normal. For example, if you see tacos, ask if you are in Mexico, that there are chances of it. Perhaps what is less normal is how they prepare them, more or less as they would in a Chinese restaurant in Matapozuelos.

Entering tired is mandatory © Alamy

The pool. The pool sometimes has a bar with sidewalks in the water. In case you were missing the two-step bar. We anticipate that the balls here are the same as outside, but with a quantity of chlorine proportional to your greater or lesser verticality.

The beach. The beach is a beach with all its things: the sand, the sun, the water, the children that batter you in sand at the stellar moment of the nap… Only sun loungers have sprouted and, yes, another bar. These two elements combined properly facilitate a lot of tanning.

The animation. There is a clause that you did not read when hiring your vacations that forces you to be happy During your stay. Or so they seem to tell you on public address. Being happy, here, has no other possible meaning than dancing. This works by contagion: you see some usually decent people who are moving the tail because there is a song that says you move the tail, and you go, and move the tail.

The pool bar, a perpetual party (or not) © Alamy

The disco It differs from the rest of the all-inclusive bars in that it is night.

The trips. They are your chance to finally find out what country you were in. They are quite reliable and for once in a group trip the guide will not put you in your cousin's store. And also, you travel accompanied by the other all-inclusive customers and often to places where there are only all-inclusive customers. You will feel at home, at least until you discover that there is no bar or banana breasts with parasol.

Upon returning home. You may be looking for the lever to adjust the position of your sofa for a few days, asking your family to fill the strawberry daiquiri or moving the tail without coming to mind. It will happen more or less when the tan begins to turn yellowish or when you feel an uncontrollable desire to cry, whatever happens before.

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