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Things not to miss in Doha

Whether you are connecting on an international trip or if you are going to spend a few days in Doha, your escape to the Qatari city must inevitably be a luxury visit. The best shops, the most top restaurants, the most sublime hotels and without a doubt the most exquisite corners. All in a paradise where the heat squeezes and you want to take a good relaxing bath in the Persian Gulf. Where excess, opulence or ostentation of wealth have no end. Let's get into this perfect oasis!


The best thing you can do when you arrive in the city is to hire a chauffeur in your hotel that will take you to all the idyllic places that you should not miss in Doha. To understand the culture of the country it will be very necessary to visit some of the museums with more art in the city. We recommend the Arab Museum of Islamic Art with its spectacular building by the hand of American architect Ieoh Ming Pei and the splendid Idam restaurant by Alain Ducasse decorated as not by Philippe Stark, the cultural town of Katara, the Mathaf Arab Modern Art Museum with works by the most creative Arab artists of the moment and the Mosque.

The Doha Fort built in the 19th century is part of the city's history and it is essential to walk around to see the glory of the capital of this emirate.

To admire the best views of the city skyline go to the Corniche, from this quiet promenade you can get drunk with the colors, shapes and magnitudes of the most impressive skyscrapers in Doha. The best, the night view where the incredible buildings look more. Something very funny is the sculpture of a gigantic teapot in the center of the city next to the Twin Towers.

The Arab Museum of Islamic Art, designed by Ieoh Ming Pei © Corbis


Before a great pearl merchant, the city built an immense artificial archipelago that he named in his honor. With an area of ​​4 km2, The Pearl-Qatar has multitude of villas, residential towers and a wonderful promenade called Porto Arabia where to find The Oyster shopping center, with stores such as the magnificent jewelry Harry Winston, Alexander McQueen, Missoni, Gianfranco Ferré or Roberto Cavalli. It also has one of the best Japanese in the country, the Megu, with a gastro offer of the most innovative in a chic and very glamorous atmosphere. Or the Quisine of the famous Parisian chef Guy Savoy, awarded three Michelin stars. The roasted turban with ginger butter is essential, poached lobster in its shell with roasted avocado and mushrooms or the sweetly tasty dessert The Pearl, a white chocolate sphere with pineapple and aloe vera dice, passion fruit sorbet and a burning pineapple sauce. An unparalleled culinary experience. And the next opening of a Nikki Beach will soon fill it with international VIPs.

The Pearl-Qatar: 4 square kilometers of shopping © Claudia Gene

Very close to Doha is the wonderful Villaggio Mall in which one cannot avoid going to the excellent Via Domo with fantastic stores such as Christian Dior, Cartier, Celine, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & co, Loewe and even Marc Jacobs ... a corner Where to lose your way and walk for hours. But that's not all, because in addition to its facilities, this shopping center has the Gondolania Park amusement park with roller coaster, go-carts, bowling, Olympic-sized ice rink, a cinema with Imax and its great must: Venetian gondolass in which to go around as if we were in Italy itself.

If what you are looking for are bargains in a bazaar, right next to Corniche, shopping addicts can get lost in the Souq Waqif market. Buy some junk on your stalls: There are from handmade pieces, perfumes, goldsmithing to miraculous eye pencils. After the walk, enter a cafeteria and smoke a shisha along with a tasty cinnamon and apple tea, or a very expensive coffee with cardamom. Good options for a drink are the cafés Déjà Vu, La Dolce Vita and Khariss Hotel & Café. Souq Waqif is a beautiful and impolite bazaar in which to walk at your leisure. But if you are going gold, go into the Gold Souq bazaar: here the bling bling It has no limit.

The Souq Waqif Market © Claudia Gene


A delight in the kitchen is the Opal restaurant of the well-known Gordon Ramsay in the excellent St. Regis Hotel. This British chef knows what he likes and that's why you'll run into his restaurants all over the globe. If you want to make history, don't forget to take a Bloody Mary created for the first time in the St. Regis of New York in 1934. In Doha, its specialty is the Spice Route Mary, a spicy version with a saffron oil that will make it unique.

While you relax at the Bliss spa W Hotel We advise you to learn some phrases in Arabic with the practical book "Say it in Arabic". They can help you when you get lost in one of the markets of the Souk. Also, in the W you can enjoy its restaurant Spice market. Yes, the same Meatpacking District of New York: here if they want something they care. A culinary fusion inspired by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten in the street food stalls of Southeast Asia to create the concept of Spice Market. Every diner is immersed in a gastro trip from the most remote streets of Vietnam to Thailand with its exotic deli. A place totally trendy to which to go to savor Asian pleasures and that has also been visited by David Beckham and the football team of AC Milan in full.

Replacing the hotel's famous La Maison du Caviar, it will soon open La Spiga by Papermoon. An Italian in which we recommend to taste a good tiramisu if Follow the same guidelines as your local in Milan.

Views from La Corniche © Claudia Gene


Sweet fans will find their great Olympus in Le Cigale Traiteur, an earthly paradise where you can savor a endless plethora of cakes, pies, cupcakes, Arabic goodies, crepes, ice cream and about seventy different types of chocolates. If your desserts go, this will be your downfall. In addition to having obviously caviar, foie and delicious pizzas. The Hotel La Cigale offers other great options as far as the table is concerned. Especially, YEN sushi bar with the best between sushis and sashimis in a splendid corner with decoration and furniture of the famous interior designer Philippe Stark.

Those who cannot live without the long-awaited macarons of the Ladurée maison can taste their sublime caramel cakes with salt flower in the majestic Villaggio Mall and enjoy the Venetian canals inside. The melancholy of New York, here you will have a little piece of the big apple with the mythical and famous pastry Magnolia Bakery in the Dar Al Salam Mall. Taste its delicious red velvet cupcake, its fabulous Key Lime cheesecake and of course I do not eat it wholeheartedly from brownies to cookies and pies.

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