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Editor'S Choice - 2019

The 7 best sex museums in the world

They are usually silenced, somewhat censored, outside of conventional circuits and travel brochures. But, nevertheless, they usually appear suddenly in the most unexpected street to get the attention of the most curious. Being honest, they may not be the cause of travel, but they can be a happy ending for many trips. Here are the best.


"Sex is the most natural thing in the world." Of course! This is the slogan of Venus Temple, a museum that every year attracts half a million tourists (who shake the renewed Rijksmuseum). Some amazing data that can be understood by the mythical of this place (it is the museum dedicated to the oldest sex in the world), for its situation, in the Red Light District; for its schedules (open until 11:30 pm) and for how well assembled it is. After all, it occupies an exemplary 17th-century house with showcases and exhibitors not only loaded with explicit figures and drawings. The Venus Temple can boast tell how the history of sex over the centuries with relics like a fragment of a Delft porcelain tile or Greco-Roman vessels that leave little room for imagination.


The Prague sex machine museum (known as SMM) is a lady ida de olla in the heart of tourism. It is just 50 meters from the Old Town Square, in view of many end-of-course excursions for the misfortune of nuns with guitar and tutors. And it is that hormones are revolutionized by contemplating how the human being is able to manage them to create gadgets for own and strange pleasure as electric female masturbation machines, iron corsets or chastity belts (if they exist!). Then there is the expected gallery of erotic images or the cinema, where the best scenes of today, yesterday and forever are exhibited at all hours.


The MoSex It becomes like MoMA but a bit more picantón. It is the most complete space of all exposed here since it was not easy to open a place like Fifth Avenue. The arguments presented in favor were his interest in showing the evolution of sexual behaviors. Little less than an anthropological museum focused on the most intimate human behaviors. It is not a collection that looks for the simple and the stimulating because. And it shows by dedicating entire sections to bondage, homosexuality or the reason for erotic photography. And then there's that store (much more than a nice sex shop) and the bar, where the menu is funny without being sleazy, neither explicit nor repulsive.

The MoSex of New York © Corbis


How could there not be a museum with these characteristics in the city of sin? The striking thing is that it is not in the Strip. It has a pompous name: 'Erotic Heritage Museum'and its goal is not to stimulate the public to end up in a topless club. Rather, it is an exhibition of the history of eroticism in a country so given to double standards and also an attempt to naturalize what for many Americans remains a taboo. In practice it means dozens of covers of Playboy and Hustler, risque pictures or posters of erotic movies.


In terms of sex, Koreans are as buzzed as Japanese (or more). In the middle of Jeju Island, in the north of the country, this park is not suitable for children where people over 19 can take some peculiar walks. Throughout this enclosure 140 explicit sex sculptures follow one another They find a voluminous explanation for certain kamasutra positions as well as other figures of gigantic sexual organs. The Koreans have a good time laughing while they play with some interactive sculptures and look at their spouses by throwing the occasional hint. Although the site is fun, the Chinese government did not like this concept so much since in 2009 it ordered the demolition of a replica that was being built in Chongqing.


The Beate Uhse Erotic Museum The German capital has the honor of being considered the largest erotic museum on the planet. Its founder, Beate Uhse, has the honor of having been one of the first women war pilots in the world and, in turn, to create the concept of sex shop. In 1996 he decided to show his private collection in a large space in the heart of the Charlottenburg district where the samples of European and Asian erotic art and where some of the oldest pornographic films in history are screened.


Flaunting the finolis they are in the French metropolis, their 'red' museum was called the of Eroticism. And it is that this place in Montmartre through which 10 million annual visitors pass closely approximates the traditional and didactic concept of the museum, although that does not mean that there are explicit sculptures and images with two rhombuses. But it does not seek to alter, but to enrich. His collection captures the Parisian multicultural essence with objects from all backgrounds. His eagerness to compile all artistic expression obsessed with sex is especially striking, which makes him a quite respectable and solemn place. One ends up looking at phalluses and vaginas like the one who looks at an impressionist landscape ...

"Girlie Show" Edward Hopper, 1941 © Museum of Eroticism

Video: Sexmuseum Amsterdam Музей секса в Амстердаме (November 2019).

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