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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Foot Movie Addicts

Yes, we are fans of those documentaries that set you on the road, to a place, to a destination ... in search of a horizon ... regardless of the goal, savoring the journey, flowing without further ado. That is why we make our definition of the genre of the novel director Oskar Alegría, author of one of our favorites, and we declare ourselves since the writing of CN Traveler totally and absolutely 'foot movieros'.

And with the 2013 Documentamadrid international festival just around the corner (from May 5 to 12), like Paulov's dogs sniffing the binge of documentaries that will teleport us to realities hundreds of kilometers away, we warm up engines with a list of some of our most recent favorites:

THE EMAK BAKIA HOUSE (Oskar Alegría, 2013)

The search for a house (Emak Bakia or Leave me alone) on the Basque coast where Man ray He spent his vacations and made his first film is the starting point for this search through old images in which the author flows to find himself in Biarritz.

MADE IN MEXICO (Duncan Bridgeman, 2012)

Although with a certain Mexican intellectuality absolutely against the result of this documentary, which they call "Pretentiously anthropological", the reality is that this journey through the towns that make up the Mexican identity is absorbing, above all, by a soundtrack of contemporary Mexican artists unsurpassed.

SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN (Malik Bendjelloulr, 2012)

Of Detroit (Michigan) to Cape Town (South Africa) in the footsteps of a cursed street music genius named Rodriguez. This is the perfect excuse to enroll in this exciting story that invites dive into the reality and landscapes of both cities through time. A documentary that has conquered the heart of those who have seen it.


The master of the documentary narration, of the rhythm and of those interviews with the perfect dose of humor - regardless of the subject you are dealing with - invites us to discover in scoop the cave of Chauvet (France) that has remained isolated with cave paintings 30,000 years Filmed in 3D, the documentary has had as many unconditional as detractors since there are specialists who question the authenticity of these cave paintings.

SOUND CITY (Dave Grohl, 2013)

The story of this legendary recording studio Los Angeles doesn't need more presentation. Nor its director, the mythical battery of Nirvana. The memories of this music center in L.A is the epicenter of this documentary that recovers the spirit of the recordings of Nirvana, Pixies, Neil Young, Tom petty, Rage against the Machine, Queen of the Stone Age... and as the legend says it was that place where no one dusted or scrubbed the floor since it opened at the end of the 70s until it closed in December 2011. Good rock, good punk, electronics deli

TARO, THE ECO OF MANRIQUE (Miguel G. Morales, 2012)

The island of Lanzarote and his favorite son, the artist César Manrique, make up the backbone of this documentary that reveals the work done by this environmental architecture philosopher, thanks to which Lanzarote escaped from the urban speculation. On the twentieth anniversary of his death in a traffic accident, Manrique's presence continues more present than ever.

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