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Editor'S Choice - 2019

In search of the perfect (hotel) breakfast

What do you prefer, a long table full of mediocre products or a tray with a handful of chosen foods? I have it clear.

I hate breakfast buffets. In my idea of ​​luxury there is no need to get up from the table every time I need a spoon and stand in line to pour my coffee. I know all the hoteliers' arguments - I have discussed the subject many times - and I know that a good percentage of guests prefer a well-stocked counter Where to choose without being disturbed. I do not.

I appreciate the good service and choose quality before quantity: a spongy crumb bread, a well-prepared coffee, a freshly squeezed orange juice, a crispy croissant, a fried egg at the moment... When I find those rows of dried sausages, overheated scrambled eggs, plastic breads and pastries full of unhealthy fats ... it makes me want to run away and scream.

It is not necessary - although it is appreciated - the sophistication of the breakfast of Hospes Maricel hotel - Chosen as the best breakfast in Spain a few years ago, among others by Fernando Gallardo, hotel critic of El País. There The first meal of the day is transformed into a tasting menu of more than 20 à la carte passes Between salty and sweet. Or the mythical one that Ferran Adriá designed for Hacienda Benazuza, today disappeared.

Hit with the cousin colazione it's a matter of sensitivity. I have gone through small hotels, modest rural establishments, where I have enjoyed unforgettable breakfasts: Breads that tasted like bread, freshly baked biscuits, homemade jams, free range eggs ...

To be greeted with a freshly curdled, hot and juicy potato omelette at 8 in the morning, it's not to be forgotten, isn't it? So they did in The court of Lugás It is a delicious little hotel near Villaviciosa. further homemade cakes and jams, Asturian sweets, seasonal fruits, regional cheeses.... Looking at the meadows, in that peace, you would eat the world.

In The Demba, lost in the pre-Pyrenees, fry the eggs at the moment - with tiptoe- and surprise with freshly baked croissants, but the best is the breaded, kind of Pumpkin Stuffed Sweet Pie. Just leave one of its original rooms - all are different, decorated by Aragonese artists - and follow the trail of coffee aroma to discover the first surprise of the day ... then more will come.

Breakfast in La Demba © La Demba

The bread - how is Galician bread - and the biscuits -than bica! - they were what hooked me to the breakfast of To Quinta da Auga. Although everything reached the remarkable: jams, cheeses, freshly made orange juice, tea ... that homemade spirit that permeated every corner, made me feel comfortable, as if I were at a friend's house.

Starting the day with a ensaimada fresh from the oven is wonderful. In Alcaufar Vell they don't make them but they buy them in Las Campanas the most famous oven in Sant Lluís (Menorca). Warm morning arrives every morning. Under the trees, everything in the garden tastes different.

In urban plan -because not everything has to be country- I really like the breakfast of Alma hotel Barcelona. Discreet where there are - there is no sign at the door -, bet on the letter, served at the table and with very select products: cheeses, sausages, breads, juices ... all at the guest's choice and prepared at the moment. I wonder how they do it?

The list can go on as long as we want. And you, what is the hotel breakfast that you liked the most?

P.D: By the way, I remember one in Lamu ... but that's another story.

Breakfast served on the terrace of A Quinta da Auga © A Quinta da Auga

Video: "Breakfast in America" Written & Composed by Roger Hodgson of Supertramp (November 2019).

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