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The Amalfi Coast is more perfect

The Amalfi Coast is perfect. It is one of those places that everyone agrees. Your hotels too. Here are some newly opened and others already consolidated: because this area of ​​southwest Italy is beyond fashion and trends. And what a relief.

The Amalfi Costiera is an Italian coast strip of almost obscene beauty. You can only reproach the curves of the road and the hordes of motorcycles in the middle of summer. Solution: Biodramina and avoid July and August. The Amalfi Coast is very May or June, when you can take advantage of beaches, swimming pools and terrace nights without tripping over half (privileged) Humanity that also goes in search of his portion of Dolce Vita, from his legend of Hollywood stars held in mansions.

One of these stars was Greta Garbo, who was held in Ravello. Wise and beautiful Greta. We can / should go to Ravello. The appropriate place is the Hotel Caruso (Orient-Express). That because? For being in an 11th century palace, for having one infinity pool with spectacular views that make you feel guilty for enjoying them and for being in one of the most elegant villages in the area. It has a sailboat, The Ercole to explore the beaches in the area. OR You can also learn to prepare pizza. If you can square the trip with the Ravello Music Festival, the better. It is in the middle of summer, but it is a reason that justifies (and here comes the snob comment) traveling when everyone does it.

Near Ravello, heading north, is Amalfi. And in Amalfi (excited sigh), there is the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi. This place is, like almost all the big hotels in the area, located on top of a mountain overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Paseo de los Monjes. It's nothing new. Nor is it in an old monastery. Nor that he has a infinity pool. What is noteworthy is its bet on the most essential design. Claudio Tenerelli's decoration is based on white beds, curtains and furniture, and lemons in glass fountains. This summer he opens his snack bar by the pool. There is no television: who needs it, if you can look for hours out the window.

Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi: infinity pool and views © Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

Following the route to the north, a few kilometers away, is the village of Conca dei Marini. Here, Princess Margarita, Ines de la Fressange, Carolina de Monaco and their puppies and the Visconti have summoned up, to name some mundane deuxe. There he just opened the Monastero Santa Rosa. Follow the winning format of the planned area: Vistazas, classical monastery and infinity pool. To this is added something interesting: It has the best spa in the area. And not just anybody: it is a center of Santa María Novella, another emblem of Italian hedonism and a firm that does not ally with anyone.

Monastero Santa Rosa: here is the best spa in the area © Monastero Santa Rosa

And we get to Positano. You have to go to Positano, even to complain about how wonderful it would be without so many people. The Cinema (in capital letters) has been in charge of reinforcing its image of a small, picturesque but glamorous Italian town. In this hotel there is a mythical hotel: The Sirenuse. He had better moments, but sleeping or having a coffee there is on the list of any smart traveler or discerning, what the Anglo-Saxons say, always more Marketinian with language. The lobby is lovely, so far from the concept of boutique hotel or "design" and so above all that.

Villa Mezzatorre, a classic in the area © Villa Mezzatorre

And we continue to blame the cinema for our wishes. In Ischia lived Visconti and Ischia we want to go, also, always. Near the one that was if home is the Villa Mezzatorre, a classic of the area. It is surrounded by pine trees and with the sea two meters away. And it meets the requirements: Pool + historic building + views. And an outdoor reception that can only predict something good.

The list of places to write down on the physical and mental agenda is huge and at some point you have to stop. The Amalfi Coast feeds (good) memories and, very importantly, It is one of those places that make us feel more handsome.

Always better off season, we insist.

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View of Positano from the Hotel Sireneuse © Álex del Río.

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