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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Morro Fi

Marcel, one of the three partners of the avant-garde vermouth bar in Barcelona, ​​he tells us his story: “It all starts with a meal of friends - Guillermo, Marc and me - in November 2007; It was a cold, gray and wet day, we were well protected in the Gelida restaurant and we ate salads, corns and fried eggs with black sausage ”.

That same afternoon was born the blog of the Morro Fi, a illustrated chronicle of appetizing bars, and a little later came his own, the Morro Fi bar. “It's a good place to be together, a place where people repeat again and again and are happy. We have become a place where the daytime spree is assured”, Comments the friendly Marcel.

There are preserves, beer and vermouth. A year ago they started selling products with their name: vermouth, cava, olives and pickles, seafood cans, sauces, nuts and even a line of kitchenware. Surprise the packaging, like the wrapper that recovers the brown paper, and the wonderful illustrations of the old soda bottles that they use for vermouth.

They just opened another bar on the same line, Mitja Life!, this is life !, (Brusi street 39 of Barcelona).

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Video: Morro Fi (November 2019).

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