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Three gastronomic plans in Singapore

Singapore belongs to that kind of city-states in which the future has become titanium, populated by superhumans in suits that interact in offices from which they handle the fortunes of the world but that at dusk they put on running shoes to run through those environments, like the bay gardens, which seem straight out of a story by Ray Bradbury.

It is hyper technological but is impregnated with the cultural heritage of half the world, futuristic but classic, western and multiracial, and among the skyscrapers and hotels that fascinate the visitor, it maintains three neighborhoods that are microuniverses in themselves and in which people surrender to one of the best activities offered by Singapore and It's almost a national pastime: eating. Mind you, these are the three traditional neighborhoods (inheritance of British segregation during the years in which Singapore was a colony) with more local chicha, but as melting pot Asian, the city is perfect to try Korean, Japanese or Western dishes, but above all to regain faith in that culinary concept so vaunted that fusion is.


Of all the Chinatown scattered around the globe, this is probably the cleanest and, dry, pretty waths up. Restored houses with colorful painted facades, lively night markets, and many shops and restaurants with the best gastronomic variety.

What to drink What not to take, rather. Chinese cuisine is huge and never fully discovered, so you better get carried away and for example dried meat, ubiquitous snack in neighborhood stores, or some more dish at Smith Street restaurants, like delicious dim sum Hong Kong style, frog legs, lacquered duck or some tofu noodles with vegetables suitable for veggies.

Terraces in the Chinatown of Singapore © Corbis


Temples that make horror vacui their motto, overdoses of colors and smells, crowded stores, women with saris and sometimes chaotic traffic form the domesticated version of India in the streets with no hint of cows from Singapore.

What to drink Biryani of Bismillah Biryani it's legendary; To eat with the local Thalis, dosas or uttapam, you have to go to the visually unattractive but gastronomically satisfying and full of ambient Tekka Center. Mind you, spicy tolerance is taken for granted. In all neighborhoods.

Food stand in Little India © Corbis


The Muslim quarter is a compendium of Colorful clothing stores and Malaysian, Egyptian or Turkish restaurants They are arranged around the golden dome of the Sultan Mosque. And the result seems straight out of Disneyland: beautiful colorful houses surrounded by palm trees with untouched sidewalks that could be part of Adventureland.

What to eat As Turkish or Palestinian dishes are closer, this is the place to try Malaysian / Indonesian food. You have to approach a busy food stand of our choice, stand in line and try the tender Rendang beef or satay, skewers with peanut sauce. And although it is rather Hindu, the murtabak (puff pastry stuffed with meat) of the Zam Zam have deserved fame.

The Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam © Corbis

Video: Singapore Restaurant ANDRE (November 2019).

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