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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Lima: temples of gastronomy not to be mistaken

Lima is the culinary capital of Latin America. The options for eating are many, but with these, you can be sure of getting it right.

1. Madam Tusan Restaurant
The magician of the Peruvian and world restoration, Gastón Acurio, take a new coup of authority with this local chifa. Chifas are the Peruvian descendants of Chinese emigrants who arrived from Canton at the end of the 19th century, and Chifa is the type of cuisine they have developed. Do not miss the wantanes and you have to get carried away by the duck. The letter is endless. The red dragon that imposes its presence in the room is the work of the artist Marcelo Wong.
MADAM TUSAN: Av. Santa Cruz, 859, Miraflores; tel. +51 1 5055090
2. Astrid & Gastón
There are plenty of words to talk about the Peruvian teacher. The kitchen is a delicacy, but the cellar is nectar.
ASTRID & GASTÓN: Cantuarias Street, 175, Miraflores; tel. +51 1242 5387

2013 tasting menu of Astrid & Gastón in Lima © Gastón Acurio

3. The Nautical Rose
Located above the sea, in one of the breakwaters on the beaches in front of the Miraflores neighborhood, this restaurant is one of the obligatory steps when you go to Lima as a tourist. In addition to his spectacular situationThey serve one of the best Lima causes: cause of yellow potatoes, with red tuna tartare ciboulette, smoked chili peppers; as principal, giant shrimp in spicy chili peppers, on tacu-tacu of southern pallares and Creole.
THE NAUTICAL ROSE: on the beach, Espigón 4, Circuit of the Beaches; tel. +51 1 445 01 49

In the sea, the best cuisine © La Rosa Náutica

4. Gourmet Fiesta Chiclayo Restaurant
In the neighborhood of Miraflores is this place where the best of Lima society meets. Among its specialties, what has already become a classic, grilled grouper ceviche, in which the fish is subjected to rapid grilling on corn leaves.

CHICLAYO PARTY: Av. Reducto, 1278, Miraflores; tel. +51 1 242 9009

Grilled ceviche on corn leaves © Fiesta Chiclayo

5. Chez Wong RestaurantOne of the open secrets with more charm of Lima it's the restaurant of Javier Wong. This eastern Peruvian does not have a letter; nor does he need. You just have to get carried away and delight in the ceviche that prepares and dismantles live. The place, on the outside, does not look like a restaurant, and it is easy to get confused. Do not pretend to arrive without booking and find a table.
CHEZ WONG: Enrique León García 114, Santa Catalina (between block 3 and 4 of Av. Canada); tel. +51 1 470 6217; essential to book.

The sole of the cevichero master © Javier Wong

6. Lima Vision
Tourism Company in Peru. They organize all kinds of trips, also gastronomic, and activities with very interesting prices. They also offer à la carte services with an exquisite and personalized service.
LIMA VISION: Calle Jr. Chiclayo, 444, Miraflores, Lima 18; tel. +51 1 447 7710
7. Larco Museum
In a colonial mansion he exhibits the best collection of pieces from the pre-Columbian era. In the enclosure there is also a Superb restaurant and a fantastic terrace among flowers To drink purple girl. A refreshing drink of unusual color.
LARCO MUSEUM: Av. Bolivar 1515, Pueblo Libre. Lima 21; tel. +51 1 461 1312

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Eat in an old colonial mansion surrounded by art and vegetation © Museo Larco

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