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With ketchup and mustard: the map of the best 'fast food' in New York

Standing and for a dollar in the Lower East or sitting at the table of the latest trendy restaurant next to Mickey Rourke, here everything goes. Although it is easy to find gastronomy from the most remote points of the globe, as in any other destination you should not miss trying its native delicacies: hamburgers, hot dogs, cheesecake and pizzas. From a hot dog stand to a deli or grill, feel like an insider and use your hands!


If there are things that can not be done in any city better than in New York, eating a burger of swamp size is number one. Fluffy bread, meat in the spot, melted cheese or fresh lettuce.

A series of rankings appear every year in several magazines that try to find the perfect hamburger and the establishments proudly show their results at the door, but there are a series of classics that are above good and evil and whose reputation precedes them. It is the case of PJ Clarkes, a centennial bar / restaurant, which has been frequented by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Kole and other illustrious. The famous is the Cadillac, with bacon and cheese, although you can also add Béarnaise sauce, poached onions or mushrooms. His success has made him open other branches in the city as well as in Las Vegas, Washington DC and even Mexico and Brazil.

The 3rd West Street Common is one of NY's must-see venues © 3rd West Street Common

Wollensky Grill It is another one of those places where there is consensus. To eat the burguer you have to go to the grill, which is entered by 49th Street. What stands out is the homemade touch of their hand-cut potatoes and their sauces, in addition to being able to give yourself the luxury of accompanying your sandwich with an unusual wine list.

In a relaxed and youthful atmosphere, ideal for hockey or basketball games, you can choose to go to 3rd West Street Common, in full NoHo. Their hamburgers are juicy, tender and ... surprise! They have a touch of aioli and are accompanied by potato wedges. It is perfect for meetings with friends because it is cheap, it has an interesting 'happy hour', good cocktails and brunches on weekends for $ 25 (shakes, waffles, eggs Benedict and cocktails included).

On the same line is the Corner Bistrot, in the Lower East Side, a place with the atmosphere of an old pub where a young audience is eager to party. A whole classic. For something more modern, go to Pop Burguers in the Meatpaking District, with sensational miniature snacks.

The most typical of NY is to take a hot dog from Nathan's. © Corbis

hot dogs

When a New Yorker is asked about the best hot dogs there is a unanimous answer. Without hesitation, 90% will respond that those of Nathan´s. Although it has franchises, even outside the country, the original headquarters are in the laconic Coney island and also serves other snacks. To drink you have to ask for homemade lemonade, with an old recipe.

Every year since 1916, on July 4, a championship is held that rewards the person with the most hot dogs. Great lovers of their hot dogs have been Cary Grant or Al Capone. For true gourmets, the DBGB It has a selection of sausages (more than a dozen: from English to Tunisian) excellent, which can be ordered accompanied by large bowls of crispy potatoes.

The Sparks Steak House restaurant lounge © Sparks Steak House


Carnivores can be calm in the city, because there are many places where you can enjoy an excellent NY style steak. There are infinite options to choose from. The Quality Meats which, according to themselves, create modern interpretations of traditional American food. The Sparks Steak House Y Palm one, which has been open since the 20s. There are also great Texan-style barbecues in Virgils.


Many have been Latino immigrants who have taken root here, so although pizza is a typically Italian dish, in New York they eat some sensational with their own style. According to connoisseurs, Brooklyn is a great place to do it, but in Manhattan there are also excellent options. Specifically in Bleecker street (between 6th and 7th Ave.) there are endless places to test it. For cutting-edge pizza, in particular you have to go to Keste which also makes special gluten-free pizzas. Or to John's, a classic, right in front.

NY cheese cake

Creamy, with a cookie base and sometimes accompanied by fruit or chocolate jam, the NY cheesecake is the most New York dessert. If you want to try a quality one, it is worth crossing the Manhattan Bridge to try it on Junior's, who has been zealously keeping the Rosen family recipe for three generations. For emergency moments, has other branches in Manhattan, one in the Dining Concourse of the Grand Central Terminal and other next to Times Square. Another place with more fame is the Lindy's, with premises at numbers 401 and 825 of Seventh Avenue.

PJ Clarkes is a legendary bar. © PJ Clarkes

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