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La Chelinda, micheladas and dishes to continue #Ponzoneando

The afterwork of Ponzano Street is painted in Mexican rose with the opening of a new store in this taco-bar.

Mexican afterwork awaits you © La Chelinda

If something like in Madrid, everyone likes and finds out. The first restaurant La Chelinda in the Huertas area opened much less than it seems and its offer and combination of chelas and daisies old-style with the variety of tacos and burritos convinced so much that in the first half of this year two other Chelindas have already appeared, the last one in the busy one Ponzano street, facing directly to the traditional spirit of the area, but without chanting. Because it can be a place to go directly to dinner, sit and relax, but also one more stop at the #Ponzaning Weekend or a summer night.

Burrito a la Chelinda © La Chelinda

In La Chelinda, the bar moment has been taken very seriously to attract lovers of afterwork, that's why in addition to its great variety of tequilas, beers or chelas are essential. There are rods, if you want, of course, this is Madrid, but you are in a piece of Mexico in Madrid and when you enter they are called chelas and you have the opportunity to learn to differentiate between the Chelada, the Michelada, the Michelada with clamato or the Red Eye. You're welcome to very spicy. You're welcome to very brave. Mexican cuisine is a bit like this: for the brave. And in the food menu you will find the classic dishes and tacos of any internationalized Mexican (la cochinita, al pastor), but also some novelties, such as the nopal tacos or the arrachera.

La Chelinda © D.R.

In the decoration, as in the food, the references to the traditional and stereotyped Mexican iconography are not hidden either, but with the right taste to be cozy and colorful.

If something like in Madrid, like, and La Chelinda liked it so much that this place in Ponzano is only the first of multiple openings throughout the city.


For the nachos. For its fair measure of combination of melted cheeses (always more is better), beans, and chili peppers. And above all, For the quality of your tortilla chips. In fact, only one serving of tortilla chips with guacamole is always synonymous with happiness.

Interior of the Chelinda © D.R.


The tequila. To order only as brave or to order combined in one of the half dozen varieties of margaritas that they have on the menu. Or other Mexican cocktails, Paloma, Charro Negro with Coca-Cola or Mary Tequila, the classic bloody mary changing the vodka for tequila. They have 44 types of tequila on the menu, so calmly, We will have to try one by one.


Direction: Ponzano Street, 40

Phone: 914 42 05 78

Schedule: from Monday to Sunday (13: 00-00: 00).

Half price: 25 euros

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Tacos Chelinda © D.R.

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