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Editor'S Choice - 2019

These are the 29 adventures you must live (at least once in a lifetime)

This book collects some of the most fascinating trips in the world

20 adventures you must live. © Jorge Abian

About 20 years ago Jorge Abian I had an idea in mind: undertake adventures. You sound familiar… ?

His office work in London did not inspire him enough to continue, so this contemporary adventurer left everything to embark on a trip around the world, the result of that year and a half are 29 adventures you must live (GeoPlaneta Nomads), a book to practice wellsurfness, that is to say, enriching and sustainable trips with those who approach happiness or live it fully.

“He had lived in London for two years. Before I had lived in Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles and New York, and despite having had some vacation days, I didn't feel the freedom or the challenge of being able to live adventures for a long period of time. I think the idea was developed from the age of 12 or 13. At 31 I decided to carry out those ideas”, He tells Traveler.es.

Adventures to live once in a lifetime. © Jorge Abian

Among those 29 adventures spread over six continents is an expedition through Antarctica with the director Cat Koppel on board ship Ocean atlantic from Ushuaia (Argentina) to the coldest end of the earth.

Also a pretty Kayak adventure through the aboriginal peoples of the Amazon, in which Jorge Abian with other friends (because it is with these who usually travels with) they discover Iquitos, one of the few cities in the world inaccessible by road in Peru. There among all they recovered a soccer field for one of the local communities and they even rescued a lazy pygmy.

Surf on the unknown coasts of the Mentawai Islands or overcome the challenge of Montana Challenge, an experience only suitable for athletes that combines kayaking, running, trekking and swimming in the mountains of Montana, in the USA. Or crazy (the one in the cover photo) like experiencing cold therapy in Poland by Wim Hof, the Iceman.

In the book you will find high voltage experiences, but with all the possible information, from the difficulty, to the budget, such as temperatures and better times to perform them. Still there are experiences of all kinds, some that require physical strength and others that do not. But all of them have something in common and that is they look for hidden and little known places.

“I remember that in 2009 a friend showed me photos in the Vogue magazine of people disguised in a desert and I didn't understand anything. Do youBurning man? Two days later we were catching a plane to Reno and 15 hours by car after we landed in Black rock city. I had never read anything, nor seen photos. It was an amazing adventure. Surely there are many more to discover, although Instagram is making things increasingly difficult. It is neither good nor bad. It is as it is. But yes, Burning Man discovered it through a small article in Vogue Magazine, and at that time it was quite unknown, ”underlines Jorge talking about the most recondite experiences of his book.

Crown Everest It is another of the great adventures that appear in the book, yes, after the famous traffic jam it proposes an interesting reflection. “Maybe we should start asking ourselves before going to many places what our intention is. If it is for a good cause ... to accompany a good friend or partner to realize their dream, go ahead. Otherwise, do not travel. Ask yourself the intention to travel, before doing so, I think this is the most responsible question”.

You may not be able to make these 29 adventures in a year and a half as he did, but choose one for the future.

Meanwhile, Jorge poses a new challenge for this year which is that of reduce your ecological footprint to the maximum and also your flights. At the moment he stays in Europe, an oceanfront farm on the outskirts of Sintra will be your home.

If you want to find your book you can do it here. 100% of the book's benefits go to the organization Ocean conservacy Yet the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation.

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